Chapter 508

In the Zimmer family.

The Zimmer family members were all gathered together in one place. Even Harvey York and Mandy Zimmer were called.

They did not gather at the temporary villa they rented before. Instead, they gathered at the new villa located in the illustrious area of Buckwood.

When Zack told Senior Zimmer about the villa, Senior Zimmer decided to have a look immediately and set out to the villa.

Every single one of the Zimmers fell into hushed astonishment when they entered the villa.

The building was a typical Western-style single-family villa, covering an area of nearly five hundred square meters and with a total of three floors.

Such a villa might not be a big deal in Buckwood.

Yet for the Zimmer family, it was more than a suitable match for their status.

Senior Zimmer studied the villa in front of him, trembling in delight. His eyes were full of desire.

Zack laughed. “Grandfather, this villa isn’t bad, right? Still, I heard that all the first-class families live on S
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