Chapter 514

Queenie York stared at the direction Harvey left. After a while, she broke into an amused smile. “Second Brother, let’s make a guess. Do you think his words were meant for me, or for you?”

A man in a tunic walked out. He was playing with a jade-made chess piece clenched in his hand. He said indifferently, “It’s for me, and also for you…”

“Aren’t you afraid?” Queenie asked.

“Why should I be? You mustn’t be afraid if you want to tame a fiery horse. The Yorks are like that, and so are you.” Faint crimson flashed through Quinton’s eyes, but he quickly recovered his composure.

He wasn’t sure if Queenie understood him. She replied casually, “Since Big Brother has come to declare war, then I’ll stop playing tricks on my sister-in-law.”

“Whatever.” Quinton strode out of the suite.

“But let me advise you, don’t overdo it. Even I can’t save you if you keep playing with fire!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he left and vanished without a trace.

Queenie’s smile disappeared. She looked a
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