Chapter 553

At Brent’s signal, the two entourages each took out an exquisite gift box. They opened them and placed them on one of the tables in the restaurant.

Inside these two boxes was a Porsche car key and a delicate diamond ring.

Brent smiled and said, “Mandy, I heard you don’t have a car yet since you came to Buckwood. I know it isn’t easy to find a license plate number here.”

“Thus, I’ve specially arranged a Porsche 718 for you. It’s from a company affiliated to the Silvas. No need to be polite, just take it and drive in it.”

“As for this, it’s a Cartier ring I customized just for you. This is a one-carat diamond and it exhibits an immaculate cut. Please, try it.”

Lilian’s eyes became full of greed. She couldn’t help but cut in, “Young Master Silva. These two things are very valuable, aren’t they?”

“Quite. The car is only about eighty thousand to ninety thousand dollars. As for this ring, it’s just about thirty-five thousand dollars. Even if you add the two together, it’s still less th
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Adreena Moody
why would she be impressed by 1ct wen she has the forever mine 10ct

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