Chapter 554

“What?” Mandy Zimmer was taken aback for a moment, surprised.

She assumed Harvey’s birthday gift was something worthless, which was why he must’ve been embarrassed to show it in front of everyone just now.

Harvey York took out an envelope from his pocket and handed it to Mandy. “Open it and take a look.”

Mandy opened the envelope, which contained an access card and the code for a smart door lock.

Mandy was startled. “Is this…a house?”

“The…the Gardens Residence?”

Mandy grew stunned.

Although she had just arrived in Buckwood not long ago, she knew that the Gardens Residence was the best residential community in all of Buckwood.

“The place rented by the Zimmers is too small to live in. You should stay in this house instead. After all, you are the CEO of the company.”

Harvey smiled.

“Let’s go and see. Follow me.”

As they talked, Harvey took Mandy to the Gardens Residence.

“Harvey, are you crazy?! What did you do?”

Mandy had checked the house prices online, and the revelation
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