Chapter 633

Harvey York pressed his right hand lightly. His movements instantly stopped any and all sounds around him into pin-drop silence.

Harvey York’s indifferent gaze fell on the Silvas. “You never thought of that, did you? The live-in son-in-law in your eyes, a man you could just simply squash, turned out to be the most powerful man in all of South Light. Who can even stop me now that I've returned?”

“The Silvas’ capabilities, the so-called top of the first-rated families in all of South Light…”

“A shame you’re all just Quinton York’s dogs.”

“Even he wouldn’t dare show up in front of me publicly. What could you possibly do?”

Harvey York’s tone was indifferent, yet they cut like knives—etched into the peoples’ hearts.

The Silvas’ faces grew whiter, their bodies trembling to the point where they almost could not stand up straight.

Their heads were spinning constantly.

If it weren’t for the family’s remaining vestiges of pride supporting them, they would all be kneeling already.

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