Chapter 3379

But as soon as the doctor sat in the driver’s seat, his body froze.

A scalpel was placed on his throat all of a sudden.

“Good evening…”

Harvey York poked his head out before showing a faint smile.

When the doctor saw Harvey’s face, he could not react to the situation. He did not expect that he would meet the actual person.

He quickly tried to reach inside his armrest for his firearm, but his body froze again after Harvey put some force into the scalpel.

“That’s no good…

Harvey smiled.

“If you’re going to imitate me, at least try a little harder. I wouldn’t pull out a firearm that hastily.”

The doctor showed a cold gaze in his eyes.

“I didn’t want to kill you…

“But now that you’re here…

“I have no choice but to send you off.”

“Send me off?” asked Harvey with a smile.

“I’m the one with the upper hand here.

“I don’t care about you killing Freddy…

“But it’d be bad if you’re making me take the blame.”

Harvey saw the entire operation but did not try to stop it. After all, he
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