Chapter 3380

While Harvey York was asking Kayden Balmer’s help to accompany the doctor…

At the John family’s house.

Gavin Bauer was calmly sipping his tea.

There were a few documents with information about Harvey, Joseph Bauer, and the Indians in his hand.

After planning his schemes to deal with Harvey, he got someone to investigate all those people for him.

He was quite surprised by the information he had gotten at that moment.

He did not realize that Harvey had constantly been disrespecting the Indians and Joseph since he arrived in Flutwell.

It was only natural for the John family to be at a disadvantage going against him.

After all, the outsider, Harvey, was quite an enigmatic man.

Right as Gavin was scheming with more plans, Elliot John walked in with a thin and long cigar in his mouth. He seemed pretty delighted at that moment.

“We did it!

“We did it, Father!

Elliot was utterly excited.

“We just got word! Freddy Garcia’s dead! That b*stard, Harvey, killed him!

“The Indians there
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