Chapter 3381

Elliot John nodded lightly.

“Don’t worry, Father! I’ve made every arrangement!”

“Right. Can we trust the killer we sent out?” Gavin Bauer asked.

“It’s fine! I also have arranged his escape!

“He’ll leave the borders with one hundred and fifty million dollars when he’s done! He’ll be a wealthy man somewhere else!

“With so many benefits waiting for him, there’s no chance he’d sell us out!” said Elliot with a confident look.

Gavin nodded before leaving the place, but he turned around while squinting his eyes before he did.

“I’ve been teaching you this all the time, Elliot!

“We can only trust the dead!”

Elliot froze before showing a faint smile.

“I told you, Father. I have already made the arrangements.

“The wealthy man will pass away in an accident soon enough.”


While the father and son were planning out their move, Kayden Balmer arrived.

After giving him the hostage and telling him to get everything out of the doctor, Harvey York gave Ansel Torres a call.

Harvey did not
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