Chapter 3382

The auditorium was completely cleared out.

The security tape was used to make a perimeter of about a hundred square feet for each participant to fight in.

A lot of blunt weapons were set on the side of the ring. From halberds to daggers, every single possible weapon could be seen there.

Harvey York calmly walked toward the thirty-ninth ring.

He squinted at the surveillance camera on top of him before looking at Kori on the forty-first ring. Then, he rested his hand on the ready button beside him.

“This is actual combat, Harvey! It’s completely different compared to the theory test!”

Kori tied her hair up in a ponytail while squinting her narrow eyes at Harvey.

“You don’t even have a solid foundation in martial arts! You better not force yourself if you bite off more than you can chew!

“After all, the Longmen disciples are no easy opponents.

“You won’t even be able to cry about it if they somehow manage to kill you.

“Everyone signed a death warrant anyway!”

After being rejec
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