Chapter 3385

“Harvey York shocked everyone in the theory exam!

“You people in Longmen’s Flutwell branch thought there’s no talent left in the city! That’s why you’re trying to create one!

“And so, you arranged three easy opponents for Harvey to fight against!

“Every single one of them got beat with just a single slap! He didn’t even take ten seconds to qualify!

“Do you think we’d really believe something so absurd?!

“There are people here who trained for years and could barely manage a single win!

“But Harvey doesn’t even have a solid foundation, yet he won all his matches so easily!

“How is that even possible?!

“His score for the theory exam is barely reasonable. After all, all he needed to do was just cram everything before the exam.

“But in the ring, experience and strength is everything! We’re talking about actual combat skills here!

“How could a newbie possibly be this powerful?!

“He beat his opponents in mere seconds!

Kori John glared at Fisher Benett disdainfully.

“Not just Harv
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