Chapter 3386

They felt miserable. They could not believe that they were disqualified.

Kori John’s explanation gave them a reason to lash out then.

“So, that was why! I wondered how I got disqualified even after training for more than ten years! This is unbelievable!”

“So, our opponents weren’t randomly chosen! They were arranged ahead of time!”

“No wonder there’s a dark horse here! This was all rigged!”

“This explains everything!”

“So, that was how he aced both the theory exam and combat test!”

“If this was fake, then the so-called theory exam and the final test are probably just a show they arranged to shock us!”

“If that’s the case, then Wilbur Lee was in the right after all!”


The participants were gossiping up a storm after hearing Kori’s accusations.

They were filled with disdain when they stared at Harvey York.

Naturally, in their narrow minds, they would rather believe that the tests were all rigged than actually have Harvey acing them.

Harvey calmly looked at Kori without sa
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