Chapter 3394


Wren Garcia was sent flying before she slammed into the wall.

She struggled to stand up when she fell to the ground, but Harvey York was already standing before her.

Wren gritted her teeth and thrust her dagger, desperately trying to turn the tables.

A bright glare was coming from the dagger. It was a terrifying sight.

“Harvey! Look out!” exclaimed Mandy Zimmer instinctively.


Harvey steadily swung his palm forward.

His movements did not seem fast, but he managed to slap Wren across her face even before she could do any damage.

Wren screamed in pain. She was sent flying once again as she covered her face. She had no strength left to crawl back up when she landed on the ground again.

Clap clap clap!

Harvey clapped his hands.

Soon after, Rudolph’s team went inside the room.

They quickly injected anesthetics into Wren’s body and treated her injuries to ensure she would not pass out due to blood loss.

Wren gritted her teeth when she observed what had happened. It se
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