Chapter 3396

Kayden Balmer was mostly done with the interrogation. He learned that the main culprit was the John family.

Other than that, Harvey York also knew about Joseph Bauer threatening the Celestial Temple.

Since two forces were trying to make use of the Indians to take out Harvey…

Harvey did not mind using the Indians to do the same in return.

Harvey was excited at this point. If the Demon Monk, Cody Garcia, knew about the truth and the fact that he was being used, the show would be a lot more exciting.


At dusk, inside Flutwell Funeral Home.

Since Freddy Garcia was a foreign guest, his body was immediately sent here after the police performed an autopsy.

The Indians rented a small detached building at the establishment. Other than staying with Freddy, they wanted the other Indians to have a place to stay.

After all, Cody gave the order to send over a hundred experts from the Celestial Temple.

Those experts all crossed the borders illegally. That was why all of them needed a saf
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