Chapter 3398

That said, the royal palace would never allow people outside the borders to establish a school in Country H. That was why the Indians never succeeded for the longest time.

But who would have thought that the John family would actually give away such a permit?

Even Frankie Garcia, usually calm and collected, could not help but show a tinge of excitement in his eyes.

The permit was way more valuable than Freddy Garcia’s life!

If Frankie knew that he could exchange Freddy’s life with the permit…

He would have ended his life himself!

Besides, the Indians would have a chance to invade Country H or maybe even destroy the very cornerstone of the country, Longmen itself!

If Country H and India were to go to war, the Indians would obviously reap all the benefits.

Simply put, the permit had opened up an opportunity for them.

Frankie immediately grabbed the documents without any hesitation.

“Ms. John! Please tell this to Mr. John!

“As long as the Bharata Business Council is alive, the
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