Chapter 3399

“Harvey York?!”

The Indians recognized that face.

The Indians were boiling with anger when they heard Harvey calling Cody Garcia’s name.

All of them pulled out their swords while they furiously screamed. Cold glares surrounded Harvey at that very moment.

“Harvey York…”

Frankie Garcia froze before he let out a cold chuckle.

“Do you have a death wish or something?!

“You killed my junior, and now you’re causing trouble in his mourning hall while calling out my master’s name?!

“You think you’re all that impressive?!

“Have you ever thought of the consequences of going against us?!”

Frankie never expected Harvey would just show up on his own accord before the Celestial Temple and the Bharata Business Council even made a move.

That man was just crossing the line!

Dozens of Indians screamed in anger while charging forward, swinging their swords around, as if they wanted to rip Harvey to shreds.

Dahlia John stepped forward with her eyes lit up.

“How dare you, Harvey?!

“You’re sti
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