Chapter 3400

Everyone gasped after hearing Harvey York’s words.

They could already tell the truth by then but did not expect Harvey to bring someone to testify for him.

Upon closer inspection, the Indians present during the murder that day could tell that the doctor seemed more like the killer than Harvey.

Everyone’s hatred was replaced by profound looks on their faces.

Dahlia John’s eyes twitched before she stepped forward.

“Don’t try to put the blame on us, Harvey!” she exclaimed.

“Who do you think the John family is?! Why would we even do such a thing?!

“Don’t even try to slander our name!

“Maybe this guy’s just some beggar on the street that you’re using against us?!

“You better watch your mouth, Harvey!

“You’ll pay for spouting stuff like that!”

Dahlia seemed extremely confident.

She desperately tried to divert Frankie Garcia and the others’ attention so they would ignore Harvey’s words.

Frankie squinted for a moment before glaring back at Harvey.

“You’re saying that this guy dis
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