Chapter 3401

“You b*stard! How dare you accuse the John family of such things?!”

Dahlia John’s expression instantly changed after hearing Thirty-Nine’s words. She immediately raised her firearm, planning to gun him down.


Harvey York stepped on the ground making a rock hit Dahlia’s wrist, causing her to miss the shot.

“Don’t rush, Ms. John.

“At least, not while I’m here.

“Since you’re trying to kill the man here, it’s not wrong for me to assume that you told this guy to frame me, right?”

Everyone instinctively shifted their gaze at Dahlia when they saw Harvey’s smile.

Dahlia’s eyes frantically twitched when she screamed, “You f*cking b*stard, Harvey!

“You’d do anything just to tarnish our name?!

“We’ll make you pay for this sooner or later!

“If you keep going with this, I’ll have your family and friends go down with you!

“I’ll dig up your ancestors too!

“I’ll burn them all to cinders!”

It seemed like Dahlia was threatening Harvey, but she was actually cursing Elliot John at this m
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