Chapter 3402

“You’re a smart man, Mr. Garcia!

“You should know that Harvey York’s just trying to confuse you with words!

“He wants to reap the spoils while staying out of the conflict!”

Dahlia John immediately blamed Harvey for everything while showing a confident look.

It was as if everything she said was true.

Even then, Harvey was quite impressed by Dahlia for being so calm and composed.

Harvey stepped forward.

“Since you’re so confident, then we should just call the cops.

“Director Torres is a fair and just man.

“I’m sure he’ll give us an answer we’ll agree on.”

Frankie Garcia’s eyes lit up after hearing the statements from both sides. He was showing a serious look on his face at this moment.

Then, he took a step forward, as if he had already made his decision.

“Don’t you worry, Ms. John!

“A despicable man like him will not fool us!

“The Bharata Business Council and the John family have our interests aligned! You wouldn’t kill one of our noble Kshatriyas just for your own benefit!
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