Chapter 3404

Rachel Hardy seemed indifferent when she looked at the Indians resentfully glaring back at her on the ground.

She swung her sword once again, cutting down two more Indians who were trying to sneak up on her.

Five people lay on the ground without any strength to fight, while the rest showed righteous looks on their faces.

They were rattling their swords before they pounced forward.

Rachel was not fazed at all by the sight. She stomped on the ground before flying out with her sword in hand.


The Indian in front trembled and fell to the ground in disbelief when his sword was split into two. Nobody knew if he was still alive or not.

Rachel pointed her sword at her back and pierced it right through another person’s hand.

Before the Indians could even react, Rachel was already spinning midair before sending another person flying with a single kick.

Her movements were abnormally fluid at that moment.

After crippling some Indians, Rachel charged forward at the speed of sound bef
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