Chapter 3406

Frankie thought, if he wasn’t able to kill Harvey…

His people would’ve died in vain. The Celestial Temple and the John family’s relationship with the temple would be completely ruined as well.

After all, there were some things that just shouldn’t be said.

Of course, of utmost importance was the fact that Frankie’s reputation would be tarnished!

To Frankie, his reputation was more important than anything else!

“You… Heh…”

Right as Frankie swung his sword, Harvey sighed and took a step forward.

His movements were so slow to the point everyone could see them.

But when Harvey swung his hand, it was so fast that nobody could react to it.

Frankie’s sword snapped in half the moment it came in contact with Harvey’s slap.

Frankie stepped back, a horrified look on his face.

He realized that Harvey, who he looked down on, had unbelievable strength!

Frankie was certain he would be sent flying by the same slap if he didn’t evade it.

But as soon as Frankie stepped back, Harvey calmly wa
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