Chapter 3407

The next moment, experts wielding swords walked out, bathed in a terrifying aura.

They must be India’s rarest experts.

And in the center, a monk with a golden cassock could be seen.

He had a cold gaze as he strutted forward fiercely.

Every single step he took was filled with unimaginable power and dominance.

Rachel’s gaze turned cold after seeing him; her face became grim.

She could tell that the monk was extremely powerful.


“Master Garcia!”

Frankie and Dahlia, however, were filled with joy when they saw the monk.

It was as if the monk could solve all of their troubles.

The monk was one of the self-proclaimed Three Great Monks of India—an expert from the Celestial Temple and also a servant for the Golden Palace—Cody Garcia!

It’s said he was already in the early stages of being a God of War. His power was simply extraordinary.

Dahlia hoped he could take out Harvey with a single slap. It would be perfect if that was the case.

Cody ignored everyone completely and
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