Chapter 3408


Screams of pain could be heard as Frankie hit the ground.

Frankie, who was acting high and mighty just before, was bleeding out of his orifices. His limbs were giving up on him.

He wanted to crawl back up, but he couldn’t muster up the strength to do so.

He knew almost everything that was going to happen, but he never thought that he was going to end up like this.

He was a noble Kshatriya from India!

He was a top talent for the younger generation!

A brilliant student of a Great Monk!

The vice chairman of the Bharata Business Council!

A prominent figure of Flutwell’s upper social circle, as well as Joseph’s sworn brother!

In Frankie’s eyes, nobody would dare lay a finger on him because of all this…

Even if the police were to arrest him, he could only be locked up for two days.

After all, he had diplomatic immunity!

But for the Indians, who put their interests first, Frankie had lost everything the moment he got crippled.

It’d be better if he was killed instead!

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