Chapter 3418

Lilian revealed a stupidly proud look.

“So you do know just how inferior you are compared to Young Master Bauer!”

“His strength knows no bounds!”

“You’re right about that—if he sells all that property, he’ll have at least billions in his bank account!”

“No need to get jealous; according to my information, Young Master Bauer’s agent already made the announcement!”

“Because of popular demand, everyone will need to have their capital verified and draw lots before they can even buy anything!”

“People without at least 1.5 million dollars can’t even get past the reception hall!”

“Even so, it’s said that at least ten people are hogging over one house on average!”

“Every single hotel in Flutwell is full!”

“Everyone’s waiting to get their houses! They can’t wait to live in the new district!”

“What? Are you planning to buy one as well?”

“Look at you! Can you even buy one?”

“Even if you can, do you really think that you’re worthy enough to live in it?”

Lilian’s face was filled with d
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