Chapter 3421

Harvey smiled. He clapped his hands, and Rachel brought out an exquisite handbag.

Pulled the zipper of the bag, she swung her hand and shook the bag, scattering real estate certificates all over the place.

“I’m the only owner of the property of the new district’s first phase.”

“I came here today to return every single one of them!”

The crowd was bewildered..

Each one of the real estate certificates was worth 1.5 million dollars, judging from the current market price.

A hundred of them would be a hundred and fifty million dollars…

The crowd couldn’t say a single word.

Before, Joseph sold and gave away all the property from the first phase to young masters and princes of Wolsing.

Last night, Harvey made the call to buy every single one of the properties for double the price. With Sienna’s help, the young masters and princes were quite cooperative. They finished the entire procedure in just mere minutes.

Thus, every single property of the first phase fell under Harvey’s name.

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