Chapter 3422

Harvey looked at Joseph with a small smile.

“Since your tongue is so sharp, why don’t you tell me the reason you coerced the Indians to attack my wife?”

“If you spit everything out, I’ll apologize to you right now and buy a few more houses from you.”

“But if you can’t, you’re just a coward!”

“Your promises of your property skyrocketing in price are just utter bullsh*t!”

“If the prices can really skyrocket, I’ll definitely return the houses!”

The crowd fell into an uproar after hearing Harvey’s words. Everyone could sense the conflict between the two prominent figures.

The buyers’ excitement was immediately gone because of Harvey.

Joseph’s expression worsened slightly.

He wanted to use the buyers to deal with Harvey, but he never expected that his unspeakable acts would be revealed this way.

At this point, Joseph had no other choice.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand what you mean.”

“You can’t just spout nonsense and expect that to ruin the event!”

“So, you’re
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