Chapter 3424

After hearing Joseph’s words, the hesitant buyers instantly felt relieved.

If Joseph still didn’t allow the houses to be returned, they would have doubted his words about their interests being secured.

But while Joseph was arguing with Harvey, he decided to take a step back and allow the houses to be returned.

He even allowed Harvey to return them without any conditions.

Other than proving that Joseph was indeed wealthy and generous, it also showed that he was confident about Flutwell’s new district.

Everyone’s interests were surely guaranteed!

If anyone wasn’t happy with their purchases, they could always just return them!

After seeing Joseph making such a comeback, Harvey couldn’t help but be impressed.

As expected from the young master who rose to power in just six years.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to imitate his schemes and decisiveness.

“Since you’re talking so big…”

“I don’t think I’ll go to the after-sales service.”

“Why don’t you just transfer me the money for
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