Chapter 3425 & 3426

Chapter 3425

Suddenly, the loud blaring of trumpets could be heard all over the place.

Thousands of people showed up on the streets soon after.

They were grouped up in fours, and were carrying bright red coffins. Some were in charge of mourning, as if they were crying for their family.

Aside from that, there were rows of white wreaths set outside the property of the first phase.

The same people were headed in the same direction.

With all these coffins wreaths and the loud trumpets…

It looked to be a massive funeral!

The grandiose district turned eerie and ghostly in an instant.

The elderly who had brought cash were on the verge of blacking out upon the ghastly sight.

Out of everything, they were most terrified of bad luck.

Upon seeing so many coffins and the eerie, loud trumpets…

Even if they were in a sales office…

People who didn’t know would probably think of this place as a large cemetery!

“I’ll turn every single one of those houses into graves!”

“And because this is such a great p
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