Chapter 3427

In the evening, at the Bauer family’s manor.

Lights shone around the side hall.

Joseph comforted several important members of Flutwell’s business alliance before sending them off. Then, he approached an exquisite calligraphy hanging on the wall.

A little neglect may breed great mischief!

Joseph upheld this principle with great seriousness—this was the main reason he was able to rise so quickly in just a span of six years.

He had been planning for Flutwell’s new district for many years; this was a very important battle for him to win, all for the sake of rising to power.

Yet… Not only did Harvey make a joke out of the entire event, but he also turned Joseph into the family’s biggest joke.

Most importantly, Harvey turned the entire district into the most luxurious cemetery.

This meant that Flutwell’s top district had instead become the top cemetery for the wealthy.

Besides a few successful trades Joseph forced, ninety-nine percent of his property remained untouched.

After all,
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