Chapter 3428

Joseph froze. Then, a frown appeared on his face.

“How did Harvey manage to get Golden Palace’s Law Enforcement to fear him?”

“I usually give them quite a lot of money.”

“Why are they being so hesitant now that I want someone dead?”

Ruby frowned as well.

“Maybe they’re scared of the person who came with Harvey that night.”

“After all, that person had the Dragon Guards with her. She was in a car with a license plate from Wolsing as well. Her identity must be quite extraordinary.”

“Before figuring out Harvey and the person’s identity, Golden Palace probably wouldn’t take action.”

“You may be right…”

Joseph let out a huge sigh.

“Harvey’s quite impressive!”

“He knows how to make use of someone else’s strength pretty well.”

“I think I know why the houses ended up in his hands now.”

“That person from Wolsing must’ve helped him.”

“If not, judging from those young masters and princes, there was no way they’d finish the procedures overnight.”

“That person must have a pretty high
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