Chapter 3435

Mrs. Lee glared vengefully at Xynthia.

“How do you not understand why I’m hitting you right now?!”

“I know everything, you b*tch!”

“You were the one who shot my daughter!”

“You were jealous of her! That was why you wanted to scare her!”

“You knew the gun was going to go off!”

“So what if I hit you?! I’m doing this for my daughter!”

Mrs. Lee swung her palm again.


This time, however,Xynthia was prepared to block the slap.

“Be reasonable, ma’am!”

“We came here to play!”

“Larisa picked the role herself!”

“I was just following the script!”

“I’m sorry that this happened…”

“But this isn’t my fault! I’m a victim as well!”

Xynthia had a helpless look on her face.

“Why would I pull the trigger if I knew that there was a bullet?”

“I feel guilty about it, but you can’t put all the blame on me!”

“Be a little more reasonable! It doesn’t matter if you’re angry!”

Xynthia tried her best to explain her situation.

Mrs. Lee’s expression turned as cold as ice.

“You still can’t c
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