Chapter 3437

Mrs. Lee stepped forward and kicked Xynthia Zimmer to the ground while she was screaming loudly.

“How dare you fight back, you little b*tch?!

“Die already!

“You uneducated wh*re!

“I’ll teach you some manners if nobody’s teaching you!

“I’ll teach you how to respect your elders!

Mrs. Lee was boiling with anger, especially when she looked at Xynthia’s beautiful face. She wanted to step on her face so badly with her high heels.

“Die! Die! Die, you little b*tch!”

Xynthia was constantly kicked around when she slammed to the ground, but she covered her hands around her head so she would not get injured there.

But even so, Xynthia’s arms were covered in blood and bruises.

“You’re still blocking?!

“If I don’t make you pay today…

“I’d rather go die!

Then, Mrs. Lee pointed at a few male companions around her with a cold smile.

“Rip her clothes off and take a few pictures as commemoration!”

The male companions’ eyes lit up before they walked forward with wretched smiles on their fac
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