Chapter 3439

Harvey York completely ignored the woman and quickly found some medical equipment to treat Xynthia Zimmer.

It was good that Xynthia was only externally wounded. Harvey had dealt with those injuries before on the battlefield, so it was pretty easy for him.

Ten minutes later, a dozen police cars with blaring sirens stopped outside the Film City.

The captain of the team and also Mandy Zimmer’s best friend since university, Vivian Hall, showed a cold gaze as she walked out with her team behind her.

Two security guards tried to stop her before they were kicked to the ground.

Soon after, the inspectors swarmed into the medical room.

Vivian showed an odd look when she saw Harvey.

“Were you the one who called, Sir York?”

The others in the room completely lost color on their faces after they saw so many inspectors in the same room. They did not expect that something like this would actually happen.

Nobody believed that such a young man who seemed fragile and powerless would be able to
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