Chapter 3440

“What’s going on here?!

“What are you doing?!

“Do you people have warrants?!

“How dare you arrest people and look at our surveillance cameras as you please?!

“Who gave you the nerve?!”

Rapid footsteps could be heard from outside before eight people walked in.

The person leading the group was Senior Miller himself.

His respectful demeanor was entirely replaced by rage when he pointed at Vivian Hall and the others.

“Are you people braindead?!

“Don’t you realize what place this is?!

“Without a warrant, without our permission, the police aren’t allowed to do anything here!

“I’m giving you three minutes! Release every single one of them in this instance!

“Get out of here when you’re done!

“If not, I can even fire every single one of you with a single phone call!”

Naturally, Senior Miller was not just the boss of the Script Murder. He was also one of the shareholders of Film City.

He substituted himself as the boss of the place at that moment.

He still acted fiercely, even in
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