Chapter 708

Ethan Hunt chuckled. “The only one who deserves to sit here in this room is definitely not me…”

“Is it someone else?”

“Who is that person? Please enlighten us, Lieutenant Colonel Hunt!” Yonathan York asked.

“Hmm, if that person doesn’t stand up himself, I wouldn’t dare to speak his name at all.”

Ethan had a mysterious look on his face.

“Moreover, he’s already in the room and I can see him!”

“What?! There’s someone whose status is even higher than Lieutenant Colonel Hunt in this room?”

“And the key point is someone who holds a position as high as Lieutenant Colonel Hunt doesn’t even dare to inform us who he is?”

At that moment, the whole scene turned chaotic, even Grandma York who was in the private room couldn’t help but peeked out of the gaps between the windows.

She also wanted to know what kind of big shot had arrived at Buckwood.

It wouldn’t be someone important from Wolsing, would it?

“Lieutenant Colonel Hunt, pardon for my rudeness but may I know what kind of title doe
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