Chapter 769

Grandma Yates grinned widely and said, “Keith, you’re incredible, you even managed to invite both Sheldon Xavier from the South Lights and Mr. Kyle Quinlan!

“What an honor for an old lady like me!”

The other Yateses all turned their eyes onto Keith Yates excitedly and exclaimed, “Chief Yates, you’re amazing! Someone, as distinguished as them, is actually coming over to celebrate Grandma’s birthday!”

“How did you do that?!”

“It seems that it wouldn’t be long before the Yates family gets to become another top-class family already!”

At that moment, all of the Yates family felt proud of themselves.

This was such an honorable thing!

The guests all had looks of envy and admiration on their faces as well.

Not long ago, it was said that only Kyle Quinlan, the South Light’s second-in-command was there at Grandma York’s birthday banquet, who left in a rush after attending.

And now at Grandma Yates’ birthday ceremony, the first and second-in-command would both be here. This indicated tha
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