Chapter 770

“So now what should we do?” Kyle Quinlan felt a bit awkward, they’re here to sort out some matter and didn’t even think of bringing any presents.

Now even Grandma Yates was out welcoming them, it would be weird if they stayed in the car right?

The two glanced at each other for a moment and smiled helplessly before stepping out of the car.

Sheldon Xavier then congratulated ahead and said, “Grandma Yates, I’ve come uninvited so I wish you good fortune and bliss!”

Kyle added, “I wish Grandma for eternal health!”

Grandma Yates was so excited that she exclaimed “Great!” so many times.

The Yates family were descendants of state officials so they understood the two men’s statutes very well. Which wasn’t something the Yates family could compare themselves to as the gap was simply too big.

They’re making the family feel so honored by sending their wishes.

Even if they’re not intending to give any birthday presents at all, Grandma Yates didn’t even mind.

Their presence was the most hono
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