Chapter 800

Originally, based on what kind of person Harvey was, he would definitely make Amelia fulfil her promise.

But now that Mandy Zimmer told him to let the matter go, then he would let it go. In the end, it was just a small matter.

“Don’t want to go shopping anymore. Let’s head home!’

Amelia’s face was dark, her expression as hard as steel. She didn’t even want to look at Harvey and Mandy, and turned to leave begrudgingly.

Autumn sneered and said, “Mandy, your husband doesn’t have any manners. If you still wish to be cousins with us, you better leave him as soon as possible!”

With that, she left as well.

Felix Howard wanted to say something, but at seeing how calm and composed Harvey York was, he couldn’t speak.

Everything Harvey did today made Felix feel that Harvey certainly wasn’t someone ordinary, but Felix still couldn’t guess how extraordinary Harvey could be.

Unless Felix was certain of Harvey’s status, he didn’t want to offend Harvey any longer.

Soon, he left too.

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