Chapter 898

Reign Jackson only smiled and said after seeing everyone had arrived, “We’re running out of time here. Let’s go. I still need to go back and attend a meeting after settling this matter. I have to discuss whether who will be taking over the position of the first and second-in-command of the Buckwood education system!”

Although he had not met Tim Zepeda and others face to face, he had already decided to sack them.

“Yes, Sir Jackson, please!”

Dawson Surrey’s face was full of smiles. Soon, he drove his car out, and the group of people darted toward Buckwood High School.


At the school gate, many people gasped when they saw a line of Audi A6 coming in.

What the hell was going on?

“I heard that the second-in-command of Buckwood, Reign Jackson, and the chief inspector of Buckwood Police Station are here!”

“Sir Surrey is here too!”

“Oh my gosh! Indeed, you can provoke anyone at Buckwood High School, but not our princess, Yelena Surrey!”

“It’s terrifying! Although these people just
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