Chapter 899

At this moment, Tim Zepeda and Yaron Quick exchanged glances and saw the shock in their eyes.

Although they had always known that a first-class family like the Surrey family had tremendous power, they never expected that the Surrey family would invite so many big shots just for a trivial matter.

This was really indescribable.

Stevie Surrey and Yelena Surrey laughed when they saw the expressions on Tim and others’ faces.

The headmaster and the school’s board of directors who had just resigned also laughed.


Tim and Yaron, whose imposing manner was astonishing just now, were now all gone while facing Reign Jackson and the others at this moment.

It was as if a mouse is confronting a cat.

This was because Reign was Tim and Yaron’s immediate superior.

They were nothing in front of Reign, regardless of how awesome they were in front of other people!

However, Harvey looked indifferent when he saw Reign and the others as if they were just some ordinary people from the streets.
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