Chapter 907


Stevie Surrey could not bear the shock. His legs had already given up on him.




The principal, along with the board of directors, followed suit, their faces showing full of despair.

Because of their names being blacklisted in the education sector of Buckwood, this meant that their careers in academia were completely finished for their whole lives.

They had never thought that they would end up like this.

“As for you, you, you! And you!

“Not only did you not study well as students, you even spread rumors around the school and humiliated a fellow student!

“I have to record this terrible demerit. You are all suspended for a whole month!”

After hearing Tim Zepeda’s words, Yelena Surrey and her followers all fell down, sitting on the ground. Their faces devoid of color at that moment.

Even though they weren’t expelled, they had a terrible demerit recorded along with a month of suspension. How could they possibly break the news to their families when they go
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