Chapter 909

“Of course! Mr. Harvey York, rest assured. I will not let you down!”

Tim Zepeda was exhilarated at that moment.

He never would’ve thought that the second peak of his life would transpire this way.


When things were settled, Xynthia Zimmer also went back to class at ease. With a splendid teacher like Ms. Yuna around, Harvey too was at ease.

When Harvey was about to get in his car, getting ready to leave, hasty high heeled footsteps started echoing toward him.

When he tilted his head up to see who it was, Ms. Yuna’s peach-eyes were already focusing on him; even though it was just a normal gaze, there was still a hint of exoticism.

“Something up?” Harvey asked.

Ms. Yuna walked forward and quietly replied, “Ms. York, I can’t thank you enough for what happened today. If it weren’t for you, Xynthia would’ve taken the blame for something she never did.”

Harvey smiled.

“Xynthia is a part of my family, and I should be the one thanking you.

“I’m only here today by chance. It was ju
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