Chapter 957

“There’s no big conflict between you and me. And I’m not interested in you at all.

“But to get back at me, you have crossed the line.

“You should never, never, never do anything to my wife and my family.”

Harvey York said coldly.

“No… It isn’t me… It’s Cech Gotti! He has done all these on his own!

“Harvey, it’s not the first time we met. Think about it. I have never put you in a bad spot, right?

“Just let me go. Do you want money? I can give as much money as you want.”

Luke Surrey was a little frightened at the moment and quickly asked for mercy.

“Giving me money again? Okay then, just as I said before, 1.5 billion dollars in cash. If you can give it to me now, I’ll let you go.” Harvey smiled indifferently.

Luke’s face turned pale after hearing Harvey’s words. Even the Surrey family might not be able to take out 1.5 billion dollars in cash, let alone him.

“Since a person has done something wrong, then he has to pay the price. Otherwise, he won’t remember it.” Harvey looked in
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