Chapter 987

It took Mandy a long while before she could react. She stammered, “Harvey, don’t mess around! Sending the old man to the destination is the most important thing. If his affairs were delayed because of you, can you afford the consequences?”

Harvey smiled. “Honey, don’t be afraid. I already told him when he called for my ride that I’ll send him to his destination within today. Anyway, he only paid two dollars. So, how fast did he expect to get there?”

Mandy was speechless, but what Harvey said was right.

How many places were you going to take Senior Armstrong to?

The people around glared at Harvey. Chris Leo even came over and shouted, “Harvey, stop wasting Senior Armstrong’s time! I’ll send him!”

“No.” Harvey said indifferently.

“Why not?! Chris was about to vomit blood.

“If Senior Armstrong’s gone, who will pay for my ride-hailing bill? Do you think I don’t need gas when I drive my car to the airport?” Harvey said righteously.

“Fine, so you just want money! This money is enough
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