Chapter 1013


Tara Lewis was a little confused. She did not understand what he meant by that response.

Looking at her charming appearance, David Bowie could not help it. He laughed and said, “Miss Lewis, don’t you understand what I mean?

“I have been divorced for several years, and I have not been in a new relationship because I couldn’t find a suitable partner.

“My evenings tend to be lonely now!

“Miss Lewis, please help me solve this problem.”

With that, David opened the door to the inside. Inside was a room fitted with a bed inside.

“Come on! After that, I will sign a contract with you and sell it to you for 310 million dollars!”

David chuckled and said, with an impatient and lustful look.

“Sir Bowie, such a joke isn’t funny at all!” Tara’s face was extremely awful.

She had been wallowing in society for so many years. There were just too many people who wanted to hit on her.

However, those people were gentlemen. They were just looking for a chance to pursue her.

Those people w
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