Chapter 1038

Yoel Graham on the other side of the phone was baffled. “Chief Instructor, it’s not that I don’t want to help. It’s just that this time, the special operations team is sent by the South Light government. My words have no power at all.”

“Then try to contact Elder Xavier.”

“That may not be useful. I heard that since Senior Oskar Armstrong was involved, some big shots in Wolsing were furious and demanded results within three days.”

“Anyone who dares to interfere with the investigation will be subjected to punishment.”

“Okay, I get it.”

Harvey hung up and laughed.

He could guess who was intervening in this matter using the South Light Government.

While the culprit could have been the Xavier family, right now they wouldn’t dare to stir any trouble because of their connection to Yvonne.

The second-in-command of South Light, Kyle Quinlan, was a member of the Quinlan family from Georgia. Among the top ten families, the Quinlans from Georgia ranked higher than the Xaviers from Wolsing.
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