Chapter 1056


On the other side of the phone, Harvey had already forgotten about the affair with Mason.

When Mandy questioned him, he suddenly remembered.

“I didn’t beat up anybody. I only sparred with a kid.”


Mandy was livid.

“You tell me that it’s only sparring when you hospitalized the heir of Regency Enterprise?!”

“I’m telling you right now! You’re in big trouble!”

Mandy hung up angrily.

She took a deep breath and calmed down soon after, and then bowed to Jacob. “CEO Warner, this whole incident is our fault!”

“I’m willing to pay one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for your son’s to compensate for your son’s emotional assault, along with the medical fees.”

“Regarding our collaboration, my company is willing to give ten percent of our shares to express my apologies.”

But Mandy’s words only made Jacob laugh coldly. “Money? You really think Regency Enterprise is short on money?”

Mandy frowned.

“Then why don’t you make your request, CEO Warner? We’ll do everything
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goodnovel comment avatar
Definitivamente esto no va para ninguna parte, realmente se quedaron vueltas en lo mismo, ya sabemos que Harvy le dara una lesion a este hombre y que aun asi, Mandy no sabra quien es su esposo.... por favor ya se quedaron patinando en mantequilla... la trama se ha vuelto aburrida.

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