Chapter 1066

Bellamy Blake was taken aback for a moment, and after looking at Keith Yates carefully, he thoughtfully said, “Oh, it’s you, Sir Yates. Although I’m from the Gangnam military, I have heard of your name.”


Keith looked excited, feeling extremely honored.

How would he know that Bellamy was also previously trained by Harvey? Bellamy had heard of him simply because he was Mandy Zimmer’s uncle.

Keith thought that his name was so well-known, and he said at the moment, “If Commander Blake doesn’t mind, how about going to my house to have a chat?”

“I prepared a light meal.”

Bellamy smiled and said, “Don’t mention it, Sir Yates. I’m still not the Commander yet. I’ll have to wait for the formal appointment.”

“Thus, it’s not suitable for me to meet you at the moment. Moreover, I’m here to find my former superior. So, I’m sorry!”

Sheldon Xavier and others were here. At this moment, he was taken aback when he heard the words. He was surprised and said, “Commander Blake, could it be
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