Chapter 1151

Harvey York was in sight.

All of the Yates family that was flaunting their authority at the reception hall were showing gleeful expressions.

‘So what if Harvey’s arrogant?’

‘In front of the Yates family, he’s just a little brother!’

‘Of course, he had to show up obediently!’

The Yates had shown their faces as if they had won.

In their eyes, their arrogant actions in Sky Corporation before were to smoke out Harvey and Mandy.

As expected, Harvey had shown up.

This was the Yates family’s power!

Harvey walked toward the Yates family and smiled.

“The Yates family sure is incredible. Did all of you even think about the place you’re in?

“You dare to cause a commotion in the Sky Corporation building? All of you must be looking to die!”

“We’d only do this because of you and Mandy Zimmer anyway!”

Grandma Yates chuckled coldly.

“Where is Mandy anyway? Why isn’t she here to see me?”

“Yeah! Mandy left such a big mess for the family. It would be logical for her to come back and fix i
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