Chapter 1153

The men from the Yates family all leaked out intense expressions after hearing Phoebe Yates’ words.

They should be handling people that betrayed the Yates family like this.

“Grandmother, what should we be doing next?!” Someone asked while frowning.

The Yates family was faced with a dire problem. If they could not get Mandy to be their scapegoat, they might not have an easy time solving the problem.

Grandma Yates gave a deep thought about the situation, then slowly replied, “As of right now, we can only make a desperate attempt!

“Stop caring about Silver Nimbus Enterprise for now. Instead, use your sources to spread the word that the Chief Instructor is about to visit us after three days!

“In addition, spread rumors saying that the Chief Instructor might be interested in Phoebe. But remember, don’t let anybody catch on to the source!

“I don’t believe that ignorant fools will cause trouble for us after knowing the Chief Instructor might be our future son-in-law!”

After hearing Gr
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