Chapter 1172


Gasps from the crowd echoed throughout at this very moment.

“It worked?”

“How is that even possible? He actually paid six hundred and twenty-five million dollars?”

Those from Morgan Financial Group became so terrified, to the point where they almost fell to the ground on their hinds.

The ashtray in George’s hand fell onto the carpet with a loud clang.


How did he meet such an amazing mega tycoon the very first time he came to Country H?

Out of everyone there, Mandy was the most shocked.

She could barely comprehend how Harvey had made the Naiswells give her the resort before.

But he actually had six hundred and twenty-five million dollars to buy Regency Enterprise?

Where did he get all that money from?

The pocket money Mandy gave him could never accumulate to that amount!

Before Mandy could return to her senses from her shock, a Buckwood government worker said respectfully, “Mr. York, please follow us backstage to go through the formalities!”

Clearly, the wo
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